ClearView Folding Doors - Hardware - Hinges

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Guide Hinge

The guide hinge is placed on the bottom section of the doors, the guides roll in the bottom track preventing the doors from swinging out.

Locking Hinge Extension Handle

For doors higher than 2300 mm, the extension handle is used to unlock and lock the locking pin.

Locking Plate

The locking plate locks the opening door into position when closed.

Locking Hinge

Our doors are hinged together to make it a folding system, not stacking. The Locking Hinge is placed on the doors folding out, and lock into place in the top and bottom extrusion when closed.

Middle Hinge

Our doors can be used up to heights of 3000mm, to create more stability in windy conditions, we are able to fix a middle hinge to the doors. Each middle hinge in line with the Roller and Guide hinge is fitted with a pull handle to assist in closing.

Pivot Hinge

The pivot hinges are placed into the side track extrusion and form the base for the direction the doors fold towards.

Roller Hinge

The roller hinge is placed in, the top track, our stainless steel bearings allow for a smooth opening and closing, of our "top hung" system doors.

Roller Assembly

See Middle Hinge Description.

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